gushing… shoes!

let me gush my 4 new found, favorite local brands. 1 of which is not really local but since i buy stuff there in the philippine store, local na rin sya :p

let me start of with my fetish. the sole thing that i can claim i know really well. it’s not struts idiot! i wouldn’t admit it if i am. what i’m talking about is shoes! shoes! shoes! after my last foreign assignment, my new visa card was itching for some swiping action. i overly used my amex while in australia sparing my visa for philippine purchasing. i bought shoes while i was in melbourne. being the shoe addict that i am-thanks to carrie-i wanted a new one. a black one that will go well with my bunch of black pants i have. a friend was raving for this local brand of leather goods, shoes to be more specific. don’t get me wrong, i believe in the power of the filipinos and our creativity. but when it comes to shoes, i am always partial to italian/european styles/brands. they look better on my feet. however carbon is a far cry from your ordinary philippine made shoes. after donning a pair of these lovely ladies, i was hooked, big time! the form, how they hug (ok, cramp) my feet. it stings a little (ok, a lot!) but it really pays off. the compliment you get when people see how good it look with you crisp white shirt and a cigarette cut italian wool pants. and it look good on jeans too! now i am on my 3rd pair of shoes…


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