gushing… stain free pants!

i am a dugyot. one reason i stay away from whites is somehow stain will magically catch on to my white whatever and stick there. goodbye white stuff. not only to whites, my khakis as well, lots of ink stains from pens and pencils. no i am not attending kinder, don’t ask about the pencil marks. i don’t have one, i don’t use one but my khakis has its marks.

van heusen have this amazing pants, it’s stain free! i bought 3 pairs along with a gazillion (ok, just 6) shirts to match it. they may be an american brand but they do have slim fit cuts. their shirts are nice corporate shirts. i don’t like plains, everyone reading this blog knows that. if you happen to stray to my blog just now, i am a type A person. i like colors, prints, fun stuff. i like contrast and flatering cuts. the pants, claiming being stain free, was a big plus for me. i didn’t, or rather won’t test its stain free-ness, baka nde e, sayang yung PhP1,300.00 ko no.

eating at the office one time, the toyomansi of the dimsum i was eating magically spilled to my pants. i was worried for stains, being the first time i wore it. the toyomansi was running a mile from my thighs to my calves, talk about dugyot. i instinctively got a piece of table napkin and have it absord the condiment. true enough, no stains!

for PhP1,300.00, the stain free pants is cheap! it has a nice fit-no pleats! and a very contemporary cut. this is a steal! buy it if not only for its stain free-ness.


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