gushing… perfect fit shirts!

for those who had the pivilege of seeing me breathe air (taray ng lola nyo!) you’ll know that i am one of those pinoys who has trouble of finding the right shirt. i am slim, lanky. lean as what my trainor would say. being fashion conscious that i am, i want a shirt that would fit me. would compliment my fucking fabulous shoes! this led to an endless peril of shop hopping, looking for that perfect fit.

folded and hung was the right one for me. not only do their shirts fit me right, their design is commendable. it reminds me of indutrie and politix. funky and cool, they also have lines for the corporate guy-shirts (i mean long sleeves) that you can wear at the office yet maintain your individuality. and reasonably priced as well. of course their clothes are not for everyone. i beleive in wearing a folded and hung clothes, one should have the right attitude.

fashion forward!


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