gushing… shirts in cuff links sleeves!

lately i’m going berzerk finding shirts that lets me use cuff links. a background, i bought a rather unsual cuff links that i am dying to try, but i don’t have a shirt with cuff links sleeves. i was tempted to go to prada but remembering what happened to me (or my credit card) last time, i decided not.

i came accross memo because of van heusen. for those who is rather familiar with festival mall, memo is just beside vh. after a fruitful shopping at vh and ample time to kill, i decided to check out memo. i’m in the shopping mood that day-right before i pack for my us assignment. stepping in the shop, i felt at ease. they have alounge chair where i can put my shopping bags! how cool can this be? i was reminded my LV in new york, all i need is glass of crystal. and their display racks is simple. not crowded with clothes, just some on display. very tasteful. browsing the clothes, i saw this blue and white odd stripes, my style, my fit. good. i checked out the sleeves. fashion tip, do not take the sleeves for granted. it can make or break your outfit. cuff links! this is the only philippine brand that i know of that has cuff links! their shirts are nice as well, a philippine brand that we can be proud off. price range starting from PhP1,200.00 to PhP2,000.00 a shirt.


2 thoughts on “gushing… shirts in cuff links sleeves!

  1. tsong, are you going back to the US? try to fend off your shopping for a while. mas mura dito ang van heusen. i just went to the outlet last weekend. may long sleeves sila na 13 USD lang!

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