i want to be happy…

sick. that’s one word that will surmise how i am, how i am feeling today. i caught this virus from tonette who had the flu earlier. i wasn’t feeling up since yesterday but since it’s the tms party i can’t be sick. i was hosting the event and as well as choreographing and dancing for the java group presentation. i was coughing the whole day, rolling on the floor (yes, the choreography requires people to squat, flip, cross legs, bend and a whole lotta attitude), making sure people are having fun and making a fool of myself that i can pull it all off…

now i’m bed ridden. good thing that i had our house wireless, i’m blogging on my bed with mom’s laptop. mine’s at the office. too heavy (or uncool) to bring to the party.


i have a new favorite person to hate. he’s arrogant and feels as if it’s ok to make a mockery of people.


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