i need a new pic

last saturday bugsy and i had our hair done at toni & guy. it was our first time there. i am a devout patron of frank provost for 3 years straight but after 5 stylist (they all moved on from the salon) i realized that i have to as well. i was late by roughly 20 minutes because of the holiday jeers. imagine 2.5 hours journey from alabang to makati. good thing i brought my iPod with me. i got there first, bugsy always fashionably late, and was greeted by the receptionist. “i’m rommel, i have a 4.30 appointment” i quipped at the non-chalant receptionist. i was asked to be seated at the wait area and later to the counter. a pretty lady assisted me into my robes (yes, they use robes-nylon though-instead of the bib like thingy) and ask one of the other attendants to shampoo my hair. i have long locks, to the point that i almost got suspended from work. thus the haircut. ziggy is one of the creative director (read-paid more) of the salon and is the one that bugsy have our hair done. my request was simple: i want it short but still long. ey?!?!?!?! contradicting yet he understood. i love this guy! not since jing monis and andrew of frank provost did i like a stylist. i was kinda hessistant at first, all of my stylist at frank provost use dry cutting technique. so you know, dry cutting is done my washing the hair and putting on mousse while still damp. then blow dried to achieve the dry look of the hair. anyway, cut here, trim there, thining scissors here, razor there, mousse, wash hair… bugsy arrive. more scissors action then i’m done. so i thought. ziggy was doing bugsy (his hair! his hair!) while another stylist was ironning my hair (yes i need to buy a hair iron) and putting on hair products. when the stylist was done ziggy got back on my hair and cut a wee bit more. now i’m done! waited for a while for bugsy to finish.

today is the first day the office seen my new do. it’s a lot shorter now, no need for HRs and managers notice/memo. i did not put on hair products, i am a firm believer of the minimalist approach (specially if i am running late). my hair has a mind of its own yet still stylist. aj seems to like it and i always get the comment that i look like migs ayesa, at least the do. i think i like it, the do that is. i have a new salon, a new stylist. all i need is a new picture.


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