i am a self-centered bitch, indeed i am. all i do is talk about myself in this humble blog i keep. i’m really not that self-centered, i’m just taking the loving-yourself-more paradigm into a new level. hopefully it would wear off so i can talk about more relevant topics like the erradicating poverty, feeding the hungry, caring for hurricane katrina victims and my mission in life… world peace.


i have the most unussual mother-son bonding experience… i bought a do it yourself hair dye kit. it’s not one of those trying hard color like auburn or ash or strawberry blonde color. i like my hair black, it’s just this gray hairs that’s annoying me. when i was having my over due hair do-over, i saw gray hairs sticking out like it was a sore thumb. so i decided to color my hair “natural black” as the box of l’oreal hair dye would call it. with mom watching rome in hbo and more that enough hair dye, i applied hair dye on my mom’s thinning scalp. being naive on these things, she was squeeling about not wanting any. i hushed her by making funny hand gestures (i was wearing gloves with fita biscuits in my mouth). so it’s me, my mom and rome waiting for 30 minutes (as instructed by the leaflet) before we wash off.


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