’twas the day before christmas…

i’m still sick, and instead of getting better i think i’m getting worse. my cough is bad! to the point that i become teary eyed and feels like i wanna throw up (sorry!). my head aches when i cough. i can’t sleep at night because of my constant coughing. i wanna get better na


it’s just me and my mom, her assistant and a cleaning lady in our house. later it will just be me and my mom. this is christmas in our household. am not complaining, i like it this way. less people, less noise, less complications. all of our visitors will be flocking tomorrow, indeed they will be. as sure as the sun will rise on christmas morn, people from all walks of life will go to our house. even those we don’t know (and tend to forget). christmas is the only season were you will realize you have a gazillion relatives, lining up for you to give aguinaldos. neq-neq nyo! it’s not that i am a scrooge, i just don’t like people showing up on our door with that merry-gleeful look expecting ME to give them some money or gift. there’s only one time of the year that i give out sweets to strangers, that’s the halloween trick or treat in our village. and you have to be in costumes and stands less than 4 feet.


later i will be preparing for christmas dinner, meaning i will be cooking. traditionally i prepare 5 dishes, roasted chicken, a salad course, spaghetti, hamonado and morcon. the spaghetti is not for me. it’s for the children for christmas day. i like my roasted chicken with stuffings and the salad. i’m thinking doing a pomelo-shrimp salad with romanian lettuce, alfalfa sprouts and arugula in light balsamic vinaigrette to highlight the natural sweetness of the davao pomelo. the hamonado and morcon is a christmas tradition, when still my dad is with us. hoping i can do all before noche buena.


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