i have been wanting a new phone. since 3 months i got my retention plan phone (SonyEricsson K700i) i’ve been meaning to get a new one. maybe this is because of the bottomless drive of a person (or maybe it’s just mine) to have new things. so yesterday amidst the chaos of people (yes, there are gazillioins of people out there!) i braved the the streets and went to alabang town center. i actually don’t have any plans of buying new stuff, i just want to get out of home. the only time i spend 2 days (or more) at home is when i’m sick. i’m overdosed of home-ness (and of relatives i just found out that i am in relations with) so i went out. went straight to my fave hang out there, seatle’s best coffee and settled in their rizal room. a small corner that i find so much peace against chaos outside. after a large cup of coffee (sorry papa trainor, i’m a coffee addict!) and ham and cheese croissant, i decided to make myself lost in the mall. a small number of shops there were close. mostly shoe shops, so that’s out for me. i wandered straight to the cinemas in the new wing. there are some cellphone stands there. off i went… there in the display, it spoke…

to make the story short, i went to festival mall (they have a motorola authorized reseller there) and bought myself a new toy. i hope my fascination with this one would last me at least 3 months.


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