the year is almost over. i have done one of my wishes for last year, which is to blog as often as i can. december is my most blogged month not because i have more time, i am at home most of the time, like now, because of this freaking cough and colds. i really have to write a thank you note to tonette who gave me this virus…

now it’s that time of the year again that i have to do a list of wishful thinking and crossing my fingers, i’ll be able to do them…

  • continue blogging
  • be more fashionable with considerations to office policies
  • keep my hair neat
  • less shopping (i will try to)
  • do gym regularly, even if i am on foreign assignment
  • help the needy and despaired
  • help tonette on his wardrobe (stars above, i need help on this…) so he won’t be i’m-not-a-girl-not-yet-a-woman anymore
  • continue to be beautiful
  • be less bitchy
  • help bella flores to become a woman of class
  • date at least once a month or until i am with one of my future exes, then i would stop dating
  • be more outdoorsy, engage in the outdoors

cheers, here’s hoping to keep at least 5 of them


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