reunion, our way.

I just woke up from a late gimik. Technically itís not a gimik for me since I didnít go to any bars. I just went out with mr. schizo, had lunch and went malling. Went to the gym, I have an appointment with papa trainor by 5.00pm but we started around 5.30pm because he took a bath (for me?!?! AwÖ) and ate my pasalubong for him which is a jamaican patty, spicy chicken. I love my relationship with my papa trainor, weíre good friends first and fore most and then he is my trainor. I can be myself with him and can catch with my witty banters and ever growing lingo, which he adds to it mind you. After my excruciating (exag!) training, I waited for my friend pat, she promised to make tapa for me. And then met up with mr. schizo again for dinner. Juanie couldnít join us, sheís with her family, too bad. We hang out at greenbelt 3, and rated people hot, or not. My favorite game! We parted ways around 11.00pm and it took me 45 minutes just to catch a taxi. Freak! Hanged out with my other friend at his place for some much over due catching upÖ

Any minute now, my pamangkins will come barging in. and history dictates that I will be left poorer than my previous state. But who am I to complain. I love my pamangkins, I adore them. Especially the youngest by my eldest sister; we call him puyo because he has this devilish eyebrows the curls to the middle like a devilís horns. Heís just 4 and he is very bright. He knows the color of money. You see if my sisters were to pick my wallet and get money from it, Iíd kill them. If puyo were to do the same thing, itís adorable, and smart! I really donít buy gifts for them. The first, and last, time I attempted this was a complete disaster. None of the clothes were the right fit. So I resorted to the good old fashion, fool proof way of gift giving, cash. Ka-ching! And puyo always gets the denomination with the 3 heads. I think my sister has a hand on this. Last Halloween all of my sisters were here. Being that I just got back from 2 consecutive foreign assignments, my wallet was mostly filled with Australian and American dollars. None of the 2 currencies have 3 heads. But my pamangkin manage to snatch the $100 bill. He got the Australian currency though (lucky me!) because itís prettier than its American counterpart. That means my pamangkin can read now. Yippee!! And sad as the same time, I am AU$100 poorer. Only puyo among all my pamangkins can do that, heís my favorite. Because heís the cutest and most adorable pamangkin I have. And he doesnít squeal or throw tantrums.

i’m hungry, i’m thristy. i need an energy bar before they arrive. i need tons!


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