salut 2005

year 2005 is a great year. i’ve gone through alot, and learned alot as well. i’ve been hurt and have hurt people as well. lots of trials that made me more a man than i am a year ago. i was able to pursue some of my dreams. i have a radical change in my closet. i went crazy on shoe shopping, until now. but of all the experiences that have made me a better man, i would say that the most that made such change in me is my relationship with people.

i have learned to accept my short commings in life. i am at peace with myself now. i learned that not everyone can be your friend but you can be civil with everyone. i have accepted the fact that i can’t control how people perceive me, all i can do is to be me and not anyone or anything else. people will accept you for who you are. first impressions are not always true, i am a living testament to that. i have learned not to expect from people, i let them suprise me. i have gained new friends; they are indeed friends that i can call. i have lost friends as well…

here’s for year 2005. a year that made me a better man. and for year 2006. let’s welcome the year with open arms and open heart.

world peace.


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