crazy. that’s one word people, even my mom, would describe me when i am out in the mall with a credit card at hand. i don’t have any plans of shopping (as do everytime). my eldest sister’s family decided to go malling and spend their “hard earned” aguinaldos, mine included. it was actually due to to my being pintasero. i commented that even though my eldest nephew’s belt is gorgeous (it has to be! i gave it to him) it doesn’t go with the hip-hop shorts rubber shoes image he dons. the belt is a double sided (black-brown) leather belt. really nice with wool dress pants that i wear at the office, not his ghetto look. so off we go festival mall. the stars and planet was with us, there are fewer people that we expected. all 10 of us, me, mom, 2 sisters, 1 brother in law, 5 nieces and nephews, made our way to the mall. i went with my eldest nephew to buy a funky and simple belt, carrying my favorite nephew, puyo. good thing that folded and hung is still on sale and have this really cool belt on 50% off. i bought one myself earlier when i bought a nice white long sleeves at vuitton. after that we went to see my mom with my eldest sister at celine. they are shoe shopping for my niece who will be off to college this coming school year. these are women’s shoes so no go for me. i decided to go to human and see some funky attitude tees. none interest me but i was able to buy a really cheap gray, pin stripe dress pant. only PhP900.00! that’s a steal considering the pants are a good fit. a bit lose on the waist but their smallest size is small so that will do. 1 new dress pants. went back to see my mom, now with my 2 sisters, still at celine. saw this really cool pastel bags, really nice. i remember pat, my friend at the gym, after seeing the bag and decided to buy 1 for her. a pastel pink would do nicely for her. i bought a mint colored as well, might give it to my other sister or use it. i think i can pull off the bag (me thinks). 2 pastel gym bags. my sister scouring for really good buys, am not good at that. my shopping style have evolve to actually just sitting around and let the shop attendants present the ones they i think i like. she found a nice ladies tunic top that appeals to my girl friend anelle. i grab one for her. 1 tunic top. just the opposite side of celine is little ones by celine. they carry childrens shoes. my inaanak from my 2nd sister, the sosi girl who only speaks english was having one of her episodes as i would call it. fits and tantrums. gawd! i hate children! (well when thet are like this one) we bought her kikay shoes to stop her from making a scene. but i gotta hand it to the kid, she knows her style. she likes cinderella shoes, the shinning-shimmering-splendid kind. the more the sparkles, the better. 1 shining shimmering splendid children’s shoes. i went straight to van heusen for comforting purchase, otherwise known as personal shopping. but they were already closing. 7.00pm for december 31. tough luck…

within 2 hours, i was able to buy these

pat's gift
my shopping bags

my mom got 2 new shoes, 1 at celine and another at nine west, my sister bought 1 corporate blouse and a pair of shoes. my other sister got a pair of shoes also and a belt for my nephew.

i bought cake after. new year is never the same without cake.


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