conquering mt. tayag



my weekend started really early. woke up around 5am. i need to be at buendia before 7am, the group will be leaving around 7.30am to san pablo laguna. earlier that night, me and pat went out for a light dinner at pasha for our favorite shawarma and greek salad. that’s after gym so it was really late. i only had an hour and a half worth of sleep/nap. i was able to pre-pack some stuff. with my camping bag and a tent in tow, i went straight to buendia. i bought some at 7-11, like water and instant noodles. i’ll be living for 2 days with instant noodles and puto from goldilocks. met with the gang and went on to rizal laguna, where mt. tayag is. we stopped over to san pablo to pick up another mountaineer.

the van dropped us at the foot of the hiking trail. it’s a good 2 hours of trekking. it was ok if not for my humongous bag and tent. i’m kinda o.c. with stuff so i tend to over pack that what i would actually need. good thing that some of the people that i was camping with are experienced mountaineer than i am; they were able to tie my tent to my back pack, so am just holding the 4 liters of water i bought earlier and my backpack of course. the trail was a steep slope. good thing that i was wearing pants.

at the peek yoou can actually hear the wind howls and your body being dragged across by the sheer strenght of the wind. we were having diffuculty setting up tents. but we were able to. my tent dubbed as the “mansion” has been blown off twice. it’s a 7’x7′ tent. when they ask me how big it was i told them it’s for 3 but would be comfortable for 2 with their bags. but they told me it’s for 6. well i’m no camper. i was able to use it twice but it’s just me and my mom and ours bags. tents were set, not it’s time to start cooking. they have this portable burner, really cute! butane powered. i bought a can last friday at handyman. i just boiled water for my instant noodles. some did actually cooked! beans and pork. i was so amazed with the miniature stove and cooking pots they have. around 7.30pm after dinner we gather at the “mansion” and had drinking session. it was able t oaccomodate 15 people, sitting. grand matador was being passed around. i haven’t put alcohol into my system for the longest time. i beg off but lancer, the tangero, wouldn’t hear of it. after 4 bottles, i was drunk, so were others. i woke up around 11.30pm. raven, my tent buddy was already sleeping. went out to the hut and saw the panda movement chatting. with a heavy head and hangover the size of texas, i force myself to the steps and to the “ladies”. we chatted several minutes and did the unthinkable… i went to the tent of my flirt-mate. with alcohol flowing in my veins, i braved the winds and to his tent. earlier on the way to mt. tayag, he started flirting with me. he placed my legs on to his right leg and wrapped his hands ony my waist, as if carrying me. you know were this would lead…

early morning, with a hangover the size of california (slightly smaller than texas), we had breakfast. i open my puto and macaroons and instant noodles again to share to the gang. photo-op with the gang. and started packing for home. it was a longer trek down. we went to terazza verde resort to swim and shower. we also had lunch there. i wore my black bikini trunks. i am determine to seduce this guy. thanks to papa trainor i have gained mass to be able to pull off such a feat. the van picked us up around 2pm, i was at alabang around 3.45pm. said good bye to new friendships and a past. yes he is a past now.

don’t blame me. blame the alcohol…


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