it’s friday the 13th. no gimicks. am not superstitious, i simply don’t have anywhere to go. well my body still aches from yesterday’s gym training session with papa trainor. mates (as in friends) are all busy. the schizophrenic biatch have this dinner with his “special” friend. am thinking the guy must be paraplegic, autistic or is suffering from cerebral palsy to qualify as a “special” person in my book. juanie is with her family (again!) and tonette, well he’s tonette simply put. but had lunch with ’em all at the gateway mall, taco bell. i dunno why i have to travel via the crowded mrt line just to have a so-so taco. i mean, pancake house have a much better (and cheaper) taco. i had the cruchy and soft taco. still not full, we bought bread at breadtalk just accross taco bell.

well good thing i was able to finish the BMP. freaking EJBs, very constricting. no legroom to wiggle at.

by next week, the mountaineering club i am now a member of have this pajama party which i am organizing. it’s a pre climb soiree for old and new members. now that would be a challenge organizing. all via email and text messages. and to think i haven’t been to laqua’s pad.

need to call the other biatch in my phone. it’s the friday for crying out loud…


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