went to bed earlier. superfriends bugsy texted me early afternoon reminding of our lakad later. i was kinda tired, i even don’t have the energy to open my razr.but i have to. it has 5 unread messages and the beeping sound it emits is annoying. a feature of this blasted phone is that it beeps if you have unread messages or miscalls you haven’t attended to. i muster all stored energy i have to wake myself up. it’s 7.30pm and i really need to wakeup and decide what i’m going to wear if i’ll make it to the 10.30pm dinner i promised bugsy. after several fitting, i decided to give a go to my newly bought low rise jeans and a tank top i haven’t worn for the longest time. i also decided to finally break-in my new sneakers.

bugsy arrived around almost 11.00pm, late as usual. i was craving for greasy chinese so we went to hap chang along malvar. ordered steamed fish fillet and beef brisket. after dinner we decided to walk around and appreciate malate for what it has become. also we need to let our tummy settle back. i’m wearing my pokpok tank top from old navy, though it (my tummy) doesn’t bulge even on a full stomach, bugsy’s does. walking along the remedios circle, i realized the the bars that i go to way back in college, some 7 years ago have closed and was replaced by irashai imase kind of bar. for those who do not have nihongo background, it means welcome to our establishment, or simply welcome as roughly translated. i miss pipeline and their mushroom and garlic.

at bed, the monitors there were showing pictures of patrons. i saw the picture of this paminta guy way before. brief background, this paminta guy was camera shy; a group including both of us went swimming and this guy always shy away during photo op. now his face (though not as nice as my new sneakers) is being shown in the monitors. icks! met a lot of familiar faces there. a guy approached me and introduced himself. funny thing is that he seem to know a whole lotta info about me. met harry and aleks, bugsy’s friends, and danced the night away just the four of us. there are occasional flirting but that will do. 😉 this chinito guy which is a regular as well finally got his act together and grabbed (as in literally) me by the waist and stuff and stuff. :-p

got a picture of me wasted at bed. here it is!

shithead vodka addict biatch
i look cranky and shitty. it’s the vodka flowing in my veins. i vow not to take alcohol for the rest of the year.

went home around 4.45am, paminta guy was outside wearing a tank top. times have change…


newest boytoy...




am seeing someone now. cool! now if i can only fix my schedule this coming weekend. am organizing a soiree this friday and biboi wants to go out on the same day. which is which… if i can only convince him to join the soiree that would be nice but he ain’t the party boy which adds to the appeal.

when it rains, it really does pour. 😉


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