soiree weekend

ok, fine, i’m the biggest jerk in the world. sue me. W! (if you don’t know what W! means, ask bugsy) i think i’m scoring fairly well, yeah i am.


went to gateway mall with juanie and scheez for lunch and drop by Bread Talk for some hot chick. supposedly hotter that fire floss. i didn’t taste the difference. we played along at the mrt, them being my yaya #1 and yaya #2. yaya taba (#2) shoo away people who are trying to cross my way as yaya #1 is making sure that my back is covered. hahahah. makes me wonder is there are real people who do that.

public a picture of myself at the mrt. yaya #2 have yet to send me my pic on his phone. loving my phone so much! i had my hair up today. it has been a month or so since i had my hair spiky. been spotting the sleek look for a long time now. needs to throw some lemons on the the basket of apple. ;-).


done with all my EJBs. coolio! really a very trying 2 weeks for me. at least i had a refresher of my EJB technologies. for next week i’ll be looking for online trainings for vignette. the one in india is yet to be finalised and would be our last resort. that would be me and tonette. but for now… it’s soiree night! i still haven’t thought of what to bring to the soiree. i’ve organized it that everyone is supposed to bring something. cakes, balloons (yes, a soiree is to be with balloons…), chips and dips, shiraz (for the slightest buzz), ice cream and some finger foods. now i’m left out on what to bring.

my stomach is rumbling… i t hink i need a light snack.


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