coffee infused thoughts on a not so great morning. looking fabulous though…

i haven’t been sleeping well lately. if you do care to checkout the timestamp on some of my posts here, you’ll see that i’ve been blogging during the wee hours just to kill time and hopefully make me sleepy. my insomnia is coming back. and a full dossage of diazepam doesn’t do it’s charm as it use to.


my PT session yesterday with papa trainor rico was quite good. we work out at the same time so in turn i got the chance to train him hehehe. returning the favor of “motivating” with “whip” action :p. the supposed whip is actually a wrist guard that ties yourself to the machine so you wouldn’t get out of it. i call it girly cuffs. i am somewhat proud that i can equal some of the weights he is lifting considering he is buff as a cow and hard as brick. i was able to do an 80kgs traps exercise on the smith machine and 100kgs on the upper lateral machine. good thing papa trainor is really patient with me during trainings that i get to appreciate what PT sessions are for. he’s my 4th trainor and the only one i was able to stand more than 10 sessions. it does help that he’s cute as hell (ask scheez) and that we are really good friends. we are now on my 44th session and i’m still enjoying my workout. thank goodness for PTs, i don’t have to remember those crazy routines and worry that someone else is using the machine i am suppose to use.


i’ll be watching a play later at greenbelt 1, repertory philippines. i just recently bought a season pass for rep and this week is the last week of the first play. since i’m going mountaineering tomorrow, today is the only day to watch it. aj, ryan, roselyn, her bf onin, len and my dear friends and play-ogling buddies dahon and anto will be watching nobody’s perfect. and hopefully a late dinner or coffee afterwards. i guess am mellowing down on the club season. i’m trading kylie minogue, heavy base sound, socializing for a simple life, simpler than that of nicolle ritchie and paris hilton. we don’t have comfort rooms, how simpler can you get?


thanks to the lens and talent of arvin yason for my new avatar.


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