the spine of the pig (gulogod baboy)

2006.02.04 – 2006.02.05 mabini, batanggas – gulogod baboy peak

5.30am, i arrived at 7-11 in buendia lrt station. bullet and fighter was already there. i also seen my other climb group that i begged off from. both of my climb group scheduled a climb on the same day. i excused myself because i have promised to go the ralph’s apartment just nearby. got off from ralph’s around 6.30am and called friendship migs. he got my mansion that i will be lending out. i will be tenting together with mareng victor. back at 7-11, i saw more familiar faces. faces i have the opportunity to climb mt. tayak with early this year. slowly as the morning crawls the group was gathering more. by 8.00pm we were able to ride a bus bound to batanggas.

we stopped over the junction and waited for another climber who was late, we also grab brunch at a local eatery that screams yuckie!!! but of course i am to keep it to myself. part of the back packing experience is getting back to the earth and the simplicity of life. yeah, yeah, yeah… me simple… there was an anlene bone thingy that 4 of us decided to toy with. my bones are perfectly healthy. yey. there were 30 of us mountaineers, the lead mountaineers contracted 2 jeepneys to take us to the foot of the mountain. the trail was no easy feat. it’s like 75 degrees steep and am carrying 4 liters of water aside from my back pack of clothes and food. we were able to reach the peak after 2 hours of mad trekking and sliding. the peak is breathless. unlike tayak, it has a bigger ground to pitch tents. there were 2 other groups that were camping the night but we were the biggest with 30 campers and 19 tents. gran matador was flowing like pasig river. ari, one of the climbers made lady’s drink from gsm blue, water and extra joss. i have to say it’s smooth and right for me. ehehehhe. around 6.00pm, after tons of photo op and site appreciation, we decided to cook. well just them since i have a packed meal that i brought with me. ari made this really good pasta; angel hair pasta in olives, anchovies, capers and tomato sauce. i have to say for a camp meal, that’s saying a lot in taste. sir ed and sir will made pasta as well in white sauce. i was hoping from tent to tent and eating with them. i can’t help that they like me a lot and shares their food with me. hehehhe. drinking session started early on. say around 7.30pm. i, together with some of the panda movement hid in victor’s tent. i was feeling down with the way things are. am so conflicted (read previous blog) that i can’t face the people outside. good thing i have a great support group and i was able to face them all and introduce them to myself. huh! :p

the following morning i and mariano did yoga. i led the sun salutation and some stretching and light power yoga. it’s refreshing to find a fellow yogi. although he is a beginner at this (4 months) he was able to follow my lead, but not the advance poses that i do since i’ve beeen doing it for 4 years now and teaching for 1.5 years. i promised the group that i’ll be teaching yoga the morning after. so i have to prepare a 1 hour ganesh/hatha yoga. all i need are speakers for my ipod then i’m set to teach… breakfast right after then we started packing our stuff. it would be down the mountain for us. passing the cows and the corn plantation. we stopped by at the house of a local who unselfishly gave us cold water and refills for our water bottles.

at the foot of the mountain, where the jeep have dropped us off, there were 2 resorts. it’s not your 5 star el nido resort kinda resort, it’s not ever 2 star if you ask me. we went there to wash up and grab a bite for lunch. it’s a beach front so the group decided to dip in the batanggas shore. we had fun playing around. there’s this boat that the locals use to take tourist to a nearby snorkling hotspot, sombrero island. it’s not being used so we played with it, first by hopping on the outriggers and then working our way to the boat. we made a fool of ourselves by paying games and outrages poses that i wouldn’t even dare doing (but i did). around 4.00pm the jeepney came back and we are off to the bus terminal. we got to buendia bus station at around 7.00pm and bid good bye to old new faces…

until the next climb.


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