it’s over now

i love you but i love myself more.

i know you like me, and i know that you know i like you. our endless flirtations have to end at some point and i was hoping that it would lead us forward. to something more substantial. but i guess no one wants to make a move. you have been the flirtatious type, that’s one of the attractions i have for you. but i can’t take your flirtation with other people. maybe i was expecting too much from you, that you would only set your eyes to me as mine to you. in anycase, i need to let you go. you are no longer healthy for me. you are no longer the man that i think you are. though my mind might think, and believe that it’s over, my heart still hope in the flickering candle of hope that you would be mine. but NO, i know you too well…

you are no longer part of me. you don’t deserve ME.


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