mountainous encounters

what’s the hype all about brokeback mountain? really tell me people… it’s a gay love story, that’s it? i think the triology of timothy james beck is better than that. or even last summer by michael thomas ford. even the action-drama of rob byrne’s the night we met would be better. what’s it with this movie? is it because oh heath ledger? or jake gyllenhall? is it the the setting high above the mountains? tell me people… i read the short by annie proulx and was indeed move by the story but not in a way that it’s all hyped up to be.

i haven’t watched it and i’m afraid i’ll be disappointed because of all this hype. it’s like the anticipation of sex after a long and very good verbal flirtation… quick witted one liner that builds your wanting to have sex and be greatly disappoint that his eloqouence with words and sharp tounge did not translate in any way to a hot bed encounter. what a waste of tounge power.


on a slightly different note, timothy james beck will release his fourth novel. watch out for it. 😉


2 thoughts on “mountainous encounters

  1. What’s all these fuss about Brokeback Mountain?

    Well, first it is directed by Ang Lee … READ: Ang Lee. Second, it is written by Pulitzer Prize winning author Annie Proulx … READ: Annie Proulx and Pulitzer. Third, it stars two of the hottest young actors in Hollywood right now. Fourth, it is considered one of the bravest gay themed films in recent years … and (fifth) prolly the highest grossing at that.

    You rarely get this kind of movie in Hollywood, that’s what the fuss is all about! =)

  2. tsong, panoorin mo! baka naman hindi ka ma-disappoint. most of the time, mas maganda ang book kesa sa movie pero malay mo, mas ok ang movie this time. 🙂

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