i love the banna smoothie theme. though am no banana lover, i love the colors and the simplistic approach. new site, new fun!

can’t wait for end of the month, not for any reason. just blogger would archive my old site and i can import my feb entries to here. ehehhe. too lazy copy-paste. i love the simplicity of wordpress but i like the sense of control in blogger. i can’t customize any of the template. but they really are cute templates.

bought new rubber shoes, just for gym. i rarely user rubber shoes to go out. i know what you’ll tell me, i have way too many shoes. yes it is a fact that but i can’t help it. i mean can yo ask yourself to stop breathing? i can’t… and i need to have new rubber shoes thought my old one is just as fine and still looks new. i only use my rubber shoes during gym. so that’s about thrice a week for about 3 hours (including traveling back at home). i miss blogger’s formatting…

noew shoes of the month



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