new things, new beginnings

yes, i need to restart my life. for others it’s jumpstart but my life is already colorful and vivid and alive to have another round of electrification. i figured today as i ‘roll-out‘ my new blog site to the enjoyment and dismay of readers of the world wide web, i might as well use this opportunity. it’s not that i am leaving blogger who has an archive of my life for the past 3 years. i am many things but ingrate is not one of them. i will restart my life. sounds very ophrah-ish to me…

you see this guy here, me idiot!, have some very serious drama. i am not all smile always. it’s not always the campy me, i have a life you know-i am not just for show. i have my own share of aches and pains, if not, more than. the very start of the year and i am, i wouldn’t say miserable, unhappy is more like it. though if you ask me what would make me happy i couldn’t answer. can anyone in fact define happiness? i know i can’t. when i was younger, when life was simpler, i thought i can. now that my so called life have taken turns and tumbles and bruises and triumphs, 1 and 1 doesn’t seem to add up to 2. i am now toiling into the abyss, wallowing in my pain and trying to smile to put up a face. i hate me now.


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