free spirits

candle in the dark musical tones


i took these pictures using my mobile phone. i love my moto razr! it’s on the table were we were seated last tuesday night. i accidentally somewhat went out with a friend and his date. i was supposed to help him because he was to have his picture taken. but the studio told us that his picture would be available not until friday, thursday earliest. he needs it the day after. so we ended having dinner instead. mind you, his date is HOTT! a shorter and leaner ian veneracion. after dinner, mini-ian invited us for drinks. since it was early and there’s no american idol i agreed. we went to Esqinita, somewhere in sgt. esguerra near abs-cbn. round of drinks, waiters and some other people whispering to mini-ian. hmmm… part owner i said to my kumare. u-turn singing in the background, us three having laughs on the red couch. free booze, free minds. living life, loving life.


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