mr. instructor sir, lemme hear you sing

starting today until 3 weeks from now i’ll be a guest instructor for the J2EE boot camp here in our company. TMS, including me, designed and created this course for JAVA capability group so they will have a formal training ground for the EE. so i’m a sir for 3 weeks. sir here, sir there. sigh, am not complaining since i have been conducting trainings since last year but i want a real project. i miss the deadlines and unreasonable managers and pressure and me having a verbal sparring with leads and counterparts. i miss my dose of incomplete requirements and sleepless nights.


i’ll be dismissing the class early today because of this civil unrest thingy. i’m a civilian and i’m restless :p well it’s an excuse to go home early. and the participants, looking at their tired eyes have been overdosed with technical knowledge that it leaks from their ears and nose. they need a break. i need to catch up on my sleep. well not until the result show of american idol.


i have this strange crush on bucky covington. he grew on me with his messed up hair and care free attitude. he has a nice voice and i believe he’ll make it to the finals. so is chris daughtry, HOTT! from the auditions i have been a fan and a major crush on him. he’s bald and he’s brusque. take me in you arms… among the girls i like paris bennett for her young and talented self. her billy holiday audition captured me the instant she sang that, am a big billy holiday fan. but i believe katharene mcphee will win this season. she reminds me of norah jones. she sings naturally and effortlessly. but hell, chris is really hot!


One thought on “mr. instructor sir, lemme hear you sing

  1. lola, i agree with you on your so-called fearless forecast… katharene mcphee will undoubtedly grab the fame and stature of being the next american idol. she was being tagged by three judges of having the best voice during the audition stage.

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