i may come from a political family but i don’t like politics… or i try to stay away from it.


i fondly remember my dad and i having an argument. my uncle was the incumbent mayor of the city i grew up in. it was my baptism of fire in the political arena, i’m 18 and old enough according to the constitution to make political decisions. i was rooting for the my unc’s political enemy. i was young and full of ideas. i am for change and brand new start. my unc has been in the position to change and better the lives of my fellowmen but i hardly seen changes in the community i grew up in. my dad respected my decision, the guy i voted for won, backed by young and idealistic minds. years passed, therer was still no change. then my dad told me the truth… there is no clean politician. everyone is corrupt. so go for the one that you can benefit from.


the words still as fresh as the days my dad told me this truth. the idealistic me don’t want to believe, but the reality is that the world revolves even if i am in a stand still. that the world i picture in my mind is not the world outside the bubble i created.


i believe in the innate goodness of people. i want to believe that there is a logical reason with this state of emergency. i want believe that the president have only the best intentions in her heart for the filipino people. the words absolute power corrupts absolutely flashing in my mind as i write this entry. i hope that it’s wrong. i really do…


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