ouch > after

i have triumphed!

last sunday i have undergone 3 root canal sessions. yes! 3 teeth… i-mage (pronounced as i-maj; as in imagine) me in a dental chair saying AHHHHH for 3 hours. eew! for those who will be undergoing root canal in the future, don’t! it’s not pretty and it’s not painless. concern more on the first bullet. after me saying ouch!, ohhhhh and bitch! (open mouthed mumbling yet still comprehendable) a number of times, dentist ask me if i want more anaesthesia which i happily said yes to. the ordeal proceeded as painless as possible. but i felt my mouth is as thick as a crocodile’s hide. 2 hours after the procedure and i still can’t feel my lips, even my nostrils. i can’t smile because my lips went numb. now i now how women who have botox feels when they can’t show any emotions…

i’ll be in my dentist’s chair again next week. post root canal procedure-meaning light cure procedure. and fitting of my teeth’s tiara/crown. i might be having my lower teeth braced earlier than planned. well that is if 1.) i still have the money for it and 2.) my teeth after the tiara is alligned, atleast the canines with my lower. otherwise i have to have the TMJ correction first.

i have now spent a good 60k for my upper teeth. my lower teeth would cost me 50k less the TMJ. am not complaining with my dentist, she’s good. hell, she should be!


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