2 hours after

i have spent 2 hours in a salon chair. best way to spend your time…


my hair is becomming unrully lately. this is the way my hair tells me that it needs pampering once more. so i booked a one-on-one time with my stylist last night. my hair, among my many body part is the most pampered. so i sat in his chair, chatting what good style should i have. i really want to shave it off but my stylist said no… i suspect a more selfish reason here. see if i shave it off, i will not need al ultra fashionable and galeng stylist. meaning i wouldn’t need him. so after 20 minutes of discussing, we settled for a particular style that i was sporting lately. long bangs, sleek side, longish back.


i love my hair! so ganda. i mean it’s so easy to style and very becoming. thanks to tony and guy. mwah! it may cost me an arm and a leg but it’s worth it.


One thought on “2 hours after

  1. tsong, patingin nga! kelangan may mag-confirm na maganda nga yang gupit mo at sulit sa binayad mo. 😛 akala ko sa frank provost ka? lumipat ka na? sosyalera ka talaga, toni and guy naman ngayon!

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