bitch slap

freaking smart wifi! for the nth time i nagged them, no, not nagged more on bitch slap them for poor service. freaking mad! they always excuse themselve that they have technical upgrades what-not every time there’s service interruption. like, i wasn’t able to connect to the internet last friday night. i called informing them of the disruption and as expected, technical upgrade excuse. ok, ok, maybe a very loyal and O.T. starved guy in actually on top of the tranmission post in the middle of the night and was doing the upgrade…


saturday noon, woke up late, still no connection. i called, a bit irritated, and ask them what’s happening. still upgrading. good thing i have a dental appointment that day. dentist have to finish my root canal and prep my mollars for whatever she calls it… got home around 8.00pm with no internet still. my teeth is somewhat aching so i decided to sleep rather than make an irrate call.


sunday morning, blasted! no internet still! freaking service. this time i lost it. as in hell broke lose from my subdued mouth. i gave the smart wifi technical staff my piece of mind… they keep on excusing this technical upgrade thing. which i retorted, “you mean to say that the person is up there for 2 days?”. freaking hell! silence followed by a scripted and insincere “sorry for the inconvenience” spiel. i hate it when people are making a mockery out of me. like i know how long should an upgrade takes place and i know when a person is just trying to make excuse to a reason he/she knows nothing about.


…have you ever wondered how technical service people got their jobs? i mean, they are not really that technical at all…


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