29 and counting

just a couple of days ago, i celebrated my natal day. nothing special. spent the whole day at home watching the tele and old dvds that i bought but haven’t got the time to watch. i think i reached that age that natal days are just any other day. i just stayed at home. i didn’t even go to my fave fastfood just around the corner or even buy a cake and ice cream for myself. i was simply afixed to the couch with a remote at hand. blasted smart wifi still not working that i couldn’t go online. though i don’t have any plans to. i just want to hide from all the worries and care in the world on my natal day. this day is just about me and me alone.


woke up later the my usual 7.30am wakeup time. checked my phone, as i do every waking time and found several messages bidding me a happy birthday. stood up and watched tele. mom on the background rambling if i’ll be going out and to lock the doors if i do and stuff and stuff. mothers… i’m planning to stay the whole day at home. ex-comunicado. i won’t even answer the phone, mobile or fixed line. well not unless it’s collin farrel or chris daughtry calling. man i can spend my the whole day with them, both of them. 😀 accompanied by season 1 and 2 of scrubs (a very funny series about medical interns) i spent the whole not doing anything but clicking the remote and changing dvds.


can’t wait to turn 30…


4 thoughts on “29 and counting

  1. tsong, after ko na-post yung comment ko, saka ko nabasa ang title ng post mo: 29 and counting.

    you just made me realize i am turning 29 soon! waaaah!

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