metal mouth

it hurts…

it really does. not another hearteache though. my heart can't stand one of those again. i just came from the dentist and she installed my brackets, otherwise known as braces. it's wee bit painful. i can't eat right. soft food cut to small pieces only. my bite is not right, well it ain't right to start with thus the brackets. i can't yawn. am having a muffin now with coffee at figaro in robinsons mall in manila and i can't even finish my muffin. not that am full but rather it pains me to eat.

yesterday was the nuptial of my beloved friend blesh whom i share my natal day. i wasn't able to attend the ceremony and the reception because of work. but i celebrated her joyous moment in my heart. congrats my dearest friend and may your journey with caesar be a prosperous one.

i watched 7 ng umaga yesterday evening. it was the last week for that play by rep. it's an english play, don't be fooled by the title. it's an ok play. funny, but not as witty as the previous one, i love you, your perfect, now change. lines are wittier and spot on. saw roselyn and nino during the intermission and i sat beside them. right after we had a late dinner and bid adieu.

post mortem… i am seeing someone. he's nice. but i won't see him anymore. i don't see any effort, or maybe lack thereof, on his side. maybe he's that way, in anycase i rather be friends with him. i like my man, like my coffee, black, strong with a kick.


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