morning after

i only had a few hours of sleep because of this freaking brace. now i think i’ve made a mistake of opting for braces. but all of these procedures have drained my pocket and i don’t have any more budget for dental veneers for my lower teeth. so i have to put up with the pain and the wires and the rainbow colored rubber bands for 3 years.

i really can’t stand the pain. your teeth being pulled the opposite direction without any anaesthesia. it’s like a prolonged tooth extaction less analgesis. mama mia! my rubber band now is baby blue, just like the shirt am wearing. by next month, i’ll have it changed to baby pink. it’s so kikay i think. at least i’ll make the best out of this freaking braces.

anyone knows an effective diet for those in braces? i need to eat and eat and eat. well soft food of course. can’t chew at all.


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