it works!

it is not only that i am feeling it, i saw it! my teeth moved! the darn thing works! i have to stop drinking C2 lemon because it's making me hyperactive with all the exclamations i am throwing, but my teeth really did move.

now i have to go back to my dentist for post root canal and adjustment of my metal contraption. i won't be eating again for 3 days i pressume. though am not eating now as i used to before. but am making the best out of it. the pudding with vanilla at figaro is really good and my teeth seems not to mind me munching on it.


am a guest instructor at the AEP; this thing my company concocted to accept interns at the same time use as a employee hunting ground. not that i mind; hopefully there are cute guys there that i can entertain myself with. you know, boy-toys ;). this will go on for a month but am only handling a few modules and a team of spoiled brats from some posh school. too bad for them, me will not take crap from some rich kid with an over zealous ego.


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