listen up

here goes…

reasons why you freaking arse-holes should date ME.

  • i am a man who knows what he wants and doesn't settle for crap
  • i don't date around, hence i don't go "around"
  • i have a good taste in clothes and some if not most people would agree that i am stylish
  • i have a good sense of humor
  • i have a very stable job and bright career
  • my mom is ok that i am gay
  • i value honesty and live the code
  • i know when to quit
  • i practice yoga
  • i know how to cook
  • i can be perceived as high maintenance but you'll be suprise that i also eat fishball
  • to the suprise of many, i am monogamous
  • i love with all my heart, no pretentions, no reservations
  • lastly, because i am one hot bitch youre momma would agree of keeping around for the rest of your natural born life

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