month ender

last day of april…

went out yesterday, watched 2 and 2 makes sex. a play by repertory philippines. it’s ok, quite funny, as expected from rep. in between i was texting richard, a friend from the office who just came back from korea. invited him for a night out. it was a coincidence that he was out with some of his friends at greenbelt having dinner. right after the play, i went to fish and company where they were having dinner. some light chatting and mandatory making fun of common friends, we sailed off. passed by fussion smoothie cafe and got myself a mangFlango {i hope i got it right}. went to malate. komiks cafe have closed and coco-mango have taken over. gonna miss marcelo’s quessadilla and fondue every february. met with darwin since he was already there.

richard’s company decided to hit home earlier. 3 of us stayed and partied. saw some familiar faces. my allergy from ziggy smokes got the better of me and made me wept the whole night. though it was stil a fun night, drag queens performed timeless disco songs that is still as popular and dancy as the contemporary ones. if not for the drag show, i would have a crappy night.

i do enjoy going out, but the same old faces, same old places, it’s getting tiring…


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