one for the gay

lately i've been reading how a 3rd run cinema somewhere in cubao was raided and televised by channel 2. this cinema was supposed to be gay friendly; an avenue to elicit sex. i have mix emotions on this.

one is that i believe that the authorities have all the right to conduct the raid. the cinema is an establishment to watch movies. it is not a place to find quick frills and satisfy one's carnal urges. i am no saint but i believe that there's a right place for everything. the cinema is where you are supposed to watch a movie or to snooze on a very hot day :p.

on the other hand, i don't agree on the way they did it. with a camera in tow and making these fellows face the camera against their will. they are sensationalizing a simple raid. i don't see ABS-CBN or GMA anywhere near a drug bust or even during a kidnapping rescue. that's way more worthy of airtime in my opinion. the gay community is an easy target i know. the country is predominantly catholic; i don't hate catholics, i'm one but what i hate is the fact that there's bigotry and double standard in the country.

before i had a date with my ex at the plaza area of alabang town center. it was a beatiful night, the moon bright against the shining stars. there were a few couple, all straight except us. it was a romantic night, a kiss is in order. we kissed along the stairs fronting the bodyshop. a few minutes later, a guard asked us to leave. flags up, it's war. i asked the guard why isn't he asking the straight couples who were doing far more lewd PDA than us to leave. same old excuses. i was set not to move but jonald {boyfriend then} told me just to go to my fave coffeeshop. i hate it when i am being discriminated.

i want to think that the gay community will be accepted in its entirety-our loudness, our fashion, our minds, us. it maybe a long shot now, maybe not in my lifetime,  but i think we are getting there.


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