i just realized, am leaving for turkey in 4 days. fat! i haven't set my affairs straight yet (as if there's a lot). i'll miss my new bebih, though i'm playing the other woman in this menage a trois i put myself into. i really like him, he likes me. now i only have to get rid of this other guy…

i haven't pack yet, like 0 clothes in the suitcase. this is so not me. last year when i went to the US and Australia, i have my lugagge packed, 2 of them, a week prior and only my hand carry luggage to worry about. now i don't have a weekend to pack. i don't even have a day to do it, i can't file for a leave, work is way over my head! clone meplease!

dahon, if you're reading this, remember when i was there in you flat for 3 days and helped you pack for your trip to Germany? can you pack my luggage for me? hehehehe πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “hurry!

  1. hi pogs, i thought you left already last weekend! Eniwei, to enlist my help in packing your luggage is just…hello, ano ka ba!! Di nga ako marunong magpack eh!

  2. this weekend na ba un? ENJOY, bading!!!! πŸ™‚ take pics naman para ma-share mo naman sa amin ang iyong adventures.

    send mo sa akin address mo. umaasa pa rin akong mapupuntahan kita habang nasa turkey ka. πŸ˜€

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