i had my monthly visit wih my orthodontic/dentist yesterday. and as expected, i can’t eat. dentist put those elastic bands use to pull teeth closer together. and this pulling sensation is giving me pain and headache. even brushing my teeth gives me pain. am now back to liquid diet; had congee earlier and maybe noodles later. but i have pink bands on top so it looks cool ;-).


i’m supposed to leave for turkey this saturday. gulat kayo no? i opted not to announce it since it’s no biggie and it’s not something i look forward to. i’m imagining me on an istanbul tour bus, tour guide with a megaphone saying… “on your left is a neighbourhood being bombed by muslim cessationist. take note how the leftist group is using a hand grenade launcher to aim at us. and on your right is...” that’s scary. supposedly i am to receive my visa on thursday. airline and hotel are booked. so it would be 3 months in europe, not the good side though. i might travel to germany and france. that would be a good place to visit.


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