shawarma anyone?

we landed at the instanbul international airport early morning, around 7.30am GMT+53 and spent a good 1 hour at the airport for immigration and customs checking. 1 tip i can give you is that they don't accept traveller's cheque here. better exchange you cheque for dollar notes while you are still in your home country. after the customs, we immediately changed our US$ for their local currency, turk lirasi, grab a cab and proceeded at our hotel. i didn't get much sleep at the plane even though it's a 16 hour flight. we have 2 stopever, 1 in singapore (change plane) and 1 in dubai. i just relaxed my aching back and called my team to get rid of our jet lag. i've read that the best way to get over your jet lag is to absorb much sun light as you can. this will help you body clock reset and be familiar with the day time.

authentic shawarma


went around using the tram to get a feel the turkish enviroment. the touristy spot, eminonu and sultanameth area. bought myself an authentic shawarma for 5 million lirasi. am spending millions for food ;)… relax, it's about US$3.50.



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