the day i officially became a mrs

first sunday, jetlag and all, we roamed around the besiktas area where we are at. kinda lonely here; the hotel where we are staying is somewhere in the hills. after some 20 minutes of hiking (think baguio like terrain) i found a stretch of boutiques-gucci, armani, prada, boss-i'm saved! i've memorized the place so i can go back for some major card swiping. amex will issue me a new card. someone have cloned my card and started using it somewhere in the world while i'm here sulking.

few more blocks i finally saw a starbucks outlet. quite pricey compared to other starbucks outlet in the world (converted to US$ of course). we ordered mocha frappuccinos. and here they are…

mrs me
yes, you read it right. they wrote mrs. i didn't bother to correct them since 1.) the counter person's HOTT! and 2.) it's an effort to order the frap more so to correct them. no english! english wakaranai. there was a smoking area at the rear. we sat there not to smoke (i already quit) but because the setting is fabulous and the couch is so contemporary middle eastern.

mrs at starbucks
since i'm a mrs now, a mr is in order. and i present you… lorenzo! the father of my would be first born child.

father of my first born


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