weekend shopping spree

friday night was no good for me. well, i did have dinner at a chinese restaurant-new taste for my overly grossed out taste buds because of tomatoes and eggplant. turkish diet and dishes comprises of a tomato base sauce with an eggplant something. after a week of that, i craved for some comfort food. and greasy chinese always gives me that home-y feel. getting there was another story though. let's just say we were off to restaurant a and ended up at restaurant x because we couldn't find it. it's located at the istiklal cadessi, the busiest in istanbul.

saturday following that, it's a glorious spring day; cool breeze and green-green grass. with nothing to do, i went back to shop. i just exchanged my US$ for some spending power-lirasi. went back to the tourist-y istiklal, for some light shopping and lunch. before lunch, i was able to buy a pair of khaki colored textured cargo pants with n pockets at little big jeans. too many pockets for me, but the heck, it fits right and vibes the right attitude. it's a local brand that was able to penetrate the global market, even new york. it caught my attention not because of the deep set eyed model that will melt you in a glance. no not that, but because they have a style with their jeans line named pedro. i am hungry for some filipino language, culture, people that even jeans attract me. more walking and looking around. 2.00pm passed and my stomach growled. since i'm in taksim area, why not indulge. saw an italian restaurant and had fettuccine in pesto and cream. sat at the window-less 2nd level overlooking the busy street. across is jimmy key, a local brand with really nice-nice clothes. but it's not the clothes, but the oh so yummy attendant that dragged me inside. but yummy guy dunno english, good thing 2nd cute guy (not my type, too boy-next-door-ish) knows english. both of them were at the 3rd level, bayan's (men) section. i saw this oh so gorgeous (not as gorgeous as him though) draw string pants, perfect for the coming summer. but their smallest size is small and to my calculation, it's somewhere between 30-31 inches by the waist. 'too big' i said. then a lovely white shirt with leaf detail in eggshell white. fits right so i got it. yummy attendant suggested a purple tank top. how cute, and kind. i said yes immediately. paid and bailed out.

shopping bags

all this shopping got the better of me. tired by 5.00pm, went to gloria jeans for coffee and cake. was spotting for a local cafe al fresco style but the local cafes are kinda scarry. remember the episode of friends when monica was trying to find a wedding dress? imagine me as the wedding dress. i love international food chain!

gloria jeans @ istiklal

while eating, i was going over the spring catalogue of jimmy key that i saw this cool sleeveless hoody. i decided to go back and buy 1. yummy guy was still there but 2nd cute guy is nowhere insight. good thing the cute counter person knows english and tended my every want and desire ;-). got the hoody in black and 2 boxer shorts. yummy guy keeps smiling at a distance while i was paying and him attending to another customer. hay… i wanna get his number. well there's next shopping day.


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