friday i’m in love

well not really in love. we’re going to taksim for dinner. greasy chinese once more at one of the numerous sokak (side streets) of istiklal. i’m now very greatful of my mom’s heritage. chinese is like global food nowadays. haven’t been to any country without one. maybe africa… but that’s not far for our chinky eyed relatives.

on my very first day here i tried simit. it’s a round, crusty bread with sesame on top. loads of it. it’s hard, literally it’s really hard. am thinking if i use this as a frisbee it can cross the bosphorous strait to the next island. i bought one because i was hungry at the time and every turk i see has one. i was so encouraged to buy one at the same time crossing my fingers. i didn’t like it, it was tasty alright with all that sesame but it’s too hard.

i miss my sinigang and crispy pata….


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