ooppp! before i forget, the photo of the day…

coffee mug

coffee gets me going here. like gasoline to a ferrari or a bentley, i need caffeine to function. not to function well, but to function, period. this cute coffee mug is at the pantry of our company in istanbul. the coaster in white lined and silver edges has the company name in the middle. kinda cute i think. to think we are not a restaurant nor in the food/beverage business. personalization, even at company/enterprise level is so in now. so i did some personalization as well.


if you know me well, i'm mister personality. i have like 100+ personality and some still left in manila that if i bring it here the airline would charge me of over baggage. lately(understatement of the week) i have been center of the attention here. i've always worn my hair down in the office and yesterday i decided to to animate if you may call it. bengisu called me a cartoon character, like the anime. it's nothing new. cab drivers always mistook me for a japanese, chinese even korean and taiwanese. i dunno if that's a good thing or a bad thing. all the people in the office, even 1 taxi driver wears suit here. very corporate-y. it is so not me, with my colorful stripes and spunky hair do…

well anyway, summer is approaching and if they still wear suit then, hello heat stroke! me, i'll wear tank tops in the office cleverly hidden by a jacket that i won't take off. no i won't. well if i were in taksim i would. 😉


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