fag hag of a friend

last saturday night, me and my fag hag went to taksim. aside from it being the shopping capital of istanbul, it's also the nightlife district. the various sokak (side street) house a varied number of bars of different genre. trance, 70's disco, chillout, traditional and what ever your heart desire. we went to this trance house and stayed a couple of minutes. there are a couple of people around, say 8, and i need more people than that. apparently the nightlife here is same in manila. people pour in around 12.30am and it's only 11.45pm. we went to other bars in a different sokak. they are literally sprawling. building after the next blasting sound from hip-hop to pop to disco. we stayed at le man. it's a bar where you just drink and watch people pass you by as they make their way to the bars around the area. we went inside though there are table outside. sat beside the open window bean bag style. there's a hunky turkish guy who keeps looking at me. after half a bottle of heineken, i decided to toy with him and played the staring game. but his people decided to leave early. went home around 2.30am, sleepy….

my fag hag friend.

fag hag of a friend

and me after a bottle of heineken.

after a bottle of heineken


i updated my blog layout with my post address and phone number here in istanbul. i am sooo confident you cheapskate of a friend will not send me a text message moreso call me. but i put it there anyway. though i will never-evah put my manila post and mobile phone. this paranoid side of me tells me my anonymous stalker is reading my blog and once he find out my post, he'll squat in front of our yard till eternity. he got my number but he won't get my postal address. die scum bag!!! though it's so fab to have a stalker; i feel so hollywood-ish.


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