credit/debit/floating balance/annual gross income

for the sheer fun of it, i googled 'who is God'. this is not a blasphemy of the Almighty but rather i wanted to find out what google tell me. the first ever link was the interview with God. i have read this, i think berto gave me this as a forwarded mail in my old office. browsed around the site till i decided to re-read it again, rather watch it ppt style with matching background music. really serious stuff, then comes acrross the wealth part…

i'm an avid startrek fan. call me geek and stuff but i am. but only that of patrick stewart, he has this commanding pressence like in x-men. i remember in one of numerous movies he did as jean-luc picard-captain of the enterprise the line-'accumulation of wealth is no longer our driving force' … 'we work to better ourselves'. wouldn't it be dandy if the number of significant figures in your bank account balance no longer matter? you have everything at your disposal…

'… it's not who has the most, but who needs the least'.


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