mukha ba akong cartoon? really, tell me. i want to know why do everyone tells me that i'm japanese and that i remind them of a japanese anime. do i scream san goku when i pass by? like earlier at jimmy key's, the attendants there couldn't help themselves and started touching me. not in an indecent way you green-minded freaks. they started touching my hair. by the way, i love jimmy key. i am absolutely falling in love with them, the store and the attendants. yesterday (yes, 2 consecutive days of shopping) i went there alone to shop. ayhan, cutie guy who speaks english was literally my shopping assistant. he attended to my request and at my side the whole time i was there, i did spend a small fortune there. back to the cartoon thing, people always greet me konnichiwa and bows. i think i'll shave my hair but if i do, they might greet me ni hao ma. why can't for once they greet me mabuhay! with flower garlands.


if you remember the last time i was in australia? i made a fashion calendar. well i did, itemized shirt with pants and shoes to wear. i thought that i should let loose with the socks. i'm doing it again. with 29 kgs of check-in luggage (i've been smart and carried a large, light-weight carry on luggage) i have enough clothes that would last me 6 weeks without repeats.

week 3yes bitches, 6 weeks worth of clothes without laundry. this is my week 3 line up. for week 3 i decided to play around with colors as for my 2nd week was pristine in white and black dress pants. i love how the old rose stripe van heusen shirt turned out. i had an incident with it while i was in australia. i 'accidentally' washed it with my black vh shirt (am not being lazy, i'm conserving water and help save mother earth) and my pink and purple banana rep. my black vh remained black but the other 2, well i thought i have seen the last of them. funny how frequent washing (i washed it 10 consecutive times) changed the discoloration into something more appealing to put it lightly.week 4

week 4, though colored still, i will be sticking with solid, strong shades. no fun and frivolous colors. i like the blue stripped arrow shirt that i would be wearing tomorrow. it has a good contrast with my beige f&h jacket and black philophy dress pants and black carbon leather shoes. the brown memo will be worn with my vh khakis and burgundy gbx shoes. the blue checkered shirt is the one i bought at jimmy key. the thing why i am raving j-key? when i wore it, it looks like a couture, tailored-fit. for my lithe frame, that's saying a lot. till next shopping day!


i got my new american express card and baptized it this weekend. i spent us$500; 3 pieces j-key, 2 pieces little big jeans, 1 piece kotton club and 1 piece +90. when you see it, you'll tell me it's worth it. promise!


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