24 hours

i have a particular affinity to off beat movies. the a-day-in-a-life genre (if you may call it genre) movies. case in point, empire records which i saw together with the tsongers while i was still in japan. i like the way that you get to absorb the characters more, you get to feel how they feel and how they would react. i really believe that you can get to know a person in 1 day. really, well you really have to spend the whole day with him. how he eats, how he brush his teeth. if he puts the toilet seat down, even how he spun his spaghetti unto his fork. those little peculiar things that makes everyone unique.

am trying to document a typical day for me. well at first because i want to join the contest my company is sponsoring. 24 hours in the life of… but now i want it as a testament on how i really spend my day. from my waking hours to commuting to working to coffee and back to my comfy bed. it's somewhat trivial for me that the contest just so happen while i'm here in istanbul. it would be a little bit glamorous bordering to show-off with the plush hotel stay, fancy restaurants, incessant coffee/starbucks. am already hearing dahon's thought- 'pogs, show off ka naman talaga e.' am actually thinking how should i execute it, be humble and downplay everything, or go all out. this had given me the chance for a brief introspection. that at night i parade my clothes, at least 3 shirt and 2 dress pants, 3 shoes, 3 belts (belt should always match the shoes, please!) and do my experiment; mix, match, swap, layer, mood. now for me that's all fine and dandy but i dunno if i'm ready for the world to see that. or if they are ready to see me like that.

schizo advised that i should go on how i really spend my day. eating street food while wearing my versace sun glasses and prada shoes-ala jackie o helping the poor. style and glamour in doing little, everyday things, which i really am. i have some sample shots (i do take pictures once in a while) that i think would depict my everyday life. but i guess i really need to be real. judge me, hate me, curse me for being me. it's ok.

i rather that you hate me for being me than love me for who i am not.


One thought on “24 hours

  1. everybody now, insert song in the background….:love me for what i am for simply being meeeeeeeeeee…..” 🙂

    Join the contest pogs, you’ll slay them all 🙂

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