getting fat (i wish)

i wanna get fat. i think it's my calling in life, to be overweight even for a single day. that's my definition of a calling, things you dream of but will never get a chance to be/have. i am eating my way to getting there to no avail. i think this has something to do with my ever so energetic (as one of the sales person in my fave shop have so gently put) self.

and this is another reason why i never have the chance to save up even though i'm onshore. besides from my incessant shopping that escalated to a weekly basis, i am stuffing myself silly. i'm not particularly fond of turkish food. thanks to good ol' mcdo, living here is somewhat bearable. but i also indulge on some fine dining here. if i eat at fancy restaurants in manila, why not here. but the thing is, supposedly turkey is cheap, i mean the cost of living. that may hold true at the anatolia (asia) side but here in constantinople, everything is expensive. more expensive than franfurt. expensive or not, my taste buds craves for non-turkish tasting food. even if it cost me 30 million lirasi.

sumptous dessert that makes you forget whatever diet you're in…

chocolate decadence

strawberry decadence


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