a drunk friedreich

ok, i know i broke my promise and it's only june. but to my defense, it's a very cool and nice night to get drunk and wasted. we went back to beer point. deceivingly a beer guzzling bar, it's acutally an upscale restaurant ala nouveau and le soleil. i think they named it so to attract beer drinking brits. i ordered pepper steak because it's so good. fag hag got the mushroom steak. and we had miller as water. or did we have steak as sisig? it's all a blurr with my slight hang over.

beer, beer, beer...



half way through our steak, we finished our beer and ordered another round. yes, i was having fun. lotsa cutehot turks flirting with me, including the wait staff. reminds me of manila except the freaking beer here cost US$6. but the steak is reasonably good at US$12. i finished my steak first. i was kinda famished due my earlier trip to nisantasi. i bought a very nice shirt at topman and another one in jack jones. i am promising not to shop that much, HERE. i saw my humble closet here and it's full of clothes! most probably i'll pay excess baggage. hopefully not…

so here i am trashed, but not looking so. thankfully i wore my rockstar jimmy key tanktop and biker jacket and got my weekly doze of ego supply stares and flirtations ;).

cool looking drunkard


i need coffee…


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