how bading can you get?

excerpts from a yahoo messenger conversation with mareng giles…

friedreich.rommel.delos.santos: smile lang talaga. pakita mo yung mamahaling braces mo. (just smile and show off your expensive braces)
friedreich.rommel.delos.santos: pink na ba bands mo? (are your rubber bands pink-pertaining to the braces)
iamsupergiles: hahaha anong bands? (what bands?)
iamsupergiles: ah
iamsupergiles: hindi… (nope)
iamsupergiles: blue..
iamsupergiles: haha…
friedreich.rommel.delos.santos: pagawa mong pink. tapos pag nag meet kayo, 10 thousand watts na smile with pink bands. statement: maganda pa rin ako. (change it to pink. then when you guys meet, flash that 10 thousand watts smile. make a statement: am still beautiful.)
iamsupergiles: HAHAHHAHAA
iamsupergiles: natawa ko don! (that made me laugh!)


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